Mike Wiggins

Lead Pastor

Mike had the privilege of growing up in a solid home in the Tampa Bay area. The Lord became real to him at the age of 17, when he started trusting Christ alone (and not himself) for his salvation. Mike knew he was called to go into the ministry someday, so as a young man he began to prepare. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. After many years of serving in churches and growing in Christ, Mike’s dream of going into the ministry was fulfilled when he became the Care Pastor at Calvary Jupiter. Following about four years of faithful service to that church, Mike and his family launched out in faith and planted Calvary Port. St. Lucie. Since 2004, he has been the founding pastor of “the best congregation in the world!” Mike has been married to his best friend Stacy since 1989. The Lord has blessed them with three beautiful daughters, Meagan, Mandy, and Mary and two sons-in-law, Ethan and Angel. Mike’s passion in life is to help people become lifelong followers of Christ. He loves feeding the flock of God the Word of God with verse-by-verse teaching, and seeing people grow in Christ as a result. He is currently enrolled in seminary and pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Theology. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time with Stacy, hanging out with his “kids”, and trying to stay fit.

Pastoral Staff

Lee Holley

Executive Pastor of Operations
Ext. 114

Will Price

Executive Pastor of Ministries
Ext. 115

Mike Lawrence

Connections Pastor
Ext. 142

Matt Misiano

Care & Missions Pastor
Ext. 124

Aaron Hodson

Young Adults Pastor & Worship

Church Staff

Ethan Jones

CalvaryKids Director
Ext. 134

Pat Blanchett

Ext. 101

Andrew Sterken

Calvary Students Director
Ext. 141

Julie Holley

Human Resources & Groups Administrator
Ext. 118

Brian Chin-Yet

Tech Director
Ext. 110

Rachel Koprowski

Graphic Arts & Communications
Ext. 120

Kristen Butler

Ext. 140

Andrea Batts

Volunteer Administrator
Ext. 133

Markita Duncombe

Ext. 128

Josh Koprowski

Operations Manager
Ext. 138

Amy Buchman

Executive Assistant
Ext. 139

Priscilla Rataiczak

Worship Vocalist
Ext. 135

Eva Fuentes

CalvaryKids Coordinator
Ext. 144

Dalton Batts

Facilities Assistant

Serving Elders

A Serving Elder is a servant leader who helps people become lifelong followers of Christ. Serving Elders serve alongside the Pastors in ministering to the needs of the body of Christ. This includes helping with Biblical counseling, making hospital visits, assisting in the benevolence ministry, praying for the sick, conducting funerals, administering church discipline, and communicating God’s vision to the congregation.

Dan Gromko

Serving Elder

Brian Rosendahl

Serving Elder

Glenn Tilton

Serving Elder

Jose Rosario

Serving Elder

Mark Arnold

Serving Elder

Andrew Castro

Serving Elder

Jeff Ingram

Serving Elder

John Plumbo

Serving Elder